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Blue suddenly turns Pink

January is over. Finally! The first month of the year has ended. For me, new year starts in February. I love December with all its celebrations, but I think January is a bit depressing. In this blog I will tell you why. In the end my reality will turn pink...

What is going on? What is my problem with January? Is it because December is all about spending? Or is it that the start of January is all about new ideas and good intentions. Recently it was Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the Year. The day we find out that we were not able to realize our brand new plans, like dieting or reducing the alcohol consume. The day we find out that we will stay exactly the same person we were before the Christmas Celebrations started.

Keep on dreaming… I think I know now. I’ve thought about it for three weeks and finally it became crystal clear. I love to have some time off, dreaming of all the possibilities that might come by. Do not understand me in a wrong way, I love my work. I love teaching students about Marketing, Service Design Thinking and Consumer Insights. I love to guide students through their final stages of their study.

My few days off felt like a little holiday, a dream come true. No appointments or obligations. Just doing what feels good. A whole new range of possibilities and dreams coming up. And then, the first week of January, I have to go back to work again. I love teaching students and assisting them while they are starting a career, and I love what I do. But going back to work freeze some of my dreams at that moment. That is what makes me a little sad. I have to adjust my dreams, and face reality.

Just do it like Sir Paul Smith! Two years ago, I joined the congress ´ What design can do´ in Amsterdam and the keynote speaker was Sir Paul Smith. A great personality and he also gave a great presentation about his passion and his career. He also gave a great advise to all the students and adults in the audience. Love what you do, be committed. And if you have additional dreams.. Work hard from Monday to Thursday, but spend time on Friday and Saturday to fulfill your dreams.

Show me the Pink reality The last week of January I return to my Pink reality again. I love my job and I have new ambitions. I like to keep them in my mind and reserve time to work on them. So that is what I do on Friday and Saturday. Off to my Pink Reality. Thank God for your great gift Sir Paul Smith.

Hope you like to live in a pink reality too!

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